Adsolute Matter:Dwelling on Intensity/The Bi-Polar House,Venice Beach,Santa Monica

Base on our case study researched, we want to argue if it is possible to make a courtyard space into the Mobuis loop, is it interesting? How to catch the people’s body movement though one day life with the loop? Also, we are really interested in designing the linear against with the shell, make them very differently, make the poche not become a dark space, but also a interesting space. We choose Chinese architect as our client type. The courtyard becomes really important in our project is not only it is for a Chinese, but also we want to compare with Mobuis house and find the difference of the relationship between the project and the environment. Mobuis house is more about dealing with the landscape and the forest around itself. We want to bring the nature inside of the house. The building’s circulation is a loop way but also have separate working and living zone. Follow the continuity movement there are always have the break space that is similar as the bay window but give the new function for the house. The linear stretches out through the shell. Where is an aperture the linear go out. The linear totally different from the shell. When the linear and shell meets in the aperture, the linear go its own way and thickness out of the shell and disapp-ear in the another direction to meet the shell. Here can put the light to change the inside environment.
Adsolute Matter: Dwelling on Intensity
MEMO 3.0_Program: the Bi-Polar house
2GAX Studio/ SCI-Arc Fall 2008
Location: Venice beach, Santa Monica, CA
Design Team: Bin Lu, Jiexia Xu
Instructor: Ramiro DiazGranados, Florencia Pita, Marcelo Spina

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