Rather than responding to the brief with a monumental artwork “representing the heritage of Perth”, our design consists of an outcropping of human-scale Helix Bioreactors which relate to the city in a more nuanced way. These devices are intended to operate ontologically at both conceptual and visceral levels, in terms of space, color, luminosity, but also infrastructure and engineering. There are seven elements, tied together by a pleated, color-variegated groundscape which tracks a network of biofuel lines leading across the street to the Perth train station.
Helix BioReactor
Forrest Place Public Artwork, Perth, Australia, 2009
Building Type: Public Art Installation/ Bioreactor
Principal: Tom Wiscombe
Project Team: Bin Lu, Chris Eskew, Gabriel Huerta, LJ Roxas, Ryan Macyauski
All pictures Copyright © 2009 EMERGENT

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