Resident Chroma Origins

“Color becomes contemporary as it moves away from indexicality, symbolism, codification, and ideation because this move away from signification allows color to register traces of a much more complex series of historically specific conditions and forces: those of technology, sensibility, capital, taste, materiality, manufacture. In other words, when working through the field of effects, color can do more to engage contemporaneity than when it works through the structures of meaning.”
Sylvia Lavin “What Color is it Now? 2004”

Sylvia Lavin “当今的颜色是什么?”,2004

“Color can be used in different ways: thin or thick, one-dimensional or layered. The thicker the color and the more layers the greater the variety of impressions and effects.”
Liisa Aholainen & Bas Gremmen “The Thickness of Color”, 2009

Liisa Aholainen & Bas Gremmen 颜色的厚度, 2009

Left to right: drawings by Joe Sacco, Bill Plympton and Richard Sala. Stroke patterns in many sketch drawings like these are laid out in image space and do not follow the 3D shapes depicted by them. They control the painterly effects subjectively.

从左到右:绘画者Joe Sacco, Bill Plympton 和 Richard Sala。排线图案在很多像这样的手绘图中都被展现出空间感,它们没有跟随刻画的三维造型。他们主观地控制着绘画的特效。

The Five star Stories by Nagano Mamoru
As a tool color has been practiced directly by artists and designers in order to develop their own styles. In architecture color is an important means of expression.

五星物语 Nagano Mamoru

zebra’s tattoo patterns
The color of zebra’s tattoo patterns disrupt its volumetric surface, but also encase and delineate. Marking a change in direction at the juncture delicately change scale to conform to the narrowness of leg.


Left to right: Hand-carved by a Maori craftsman,depicts traditional facial tattoos;Papua facial ornamentation;Chinese opera facial masks ornamentation.

The Papua facial treatments, the craftsman’s tattoos and the Chinese opera facial masks work with the accentuating enhancement of facial features. Both sets of enhancements serve as mediums of distinction. In the case of the craftsman’s tattoos, there exists an elaborate system of typical characters. All of the surfaces are topological diagrams, an expression of organic structure. Color both conforms and transforms, sometimes it transforms by conforming.



Chiaroscuro describes an invention in the art of painting to create the illusion of volumes in space. The gradation effected from the light to the shadowed side of a three dimensional object. For example in the Clarinet Player, by Picasso, a pyramidal form implies an image. The pyramid has a strong contour to give the sense the figure is standing in a deep space. The Portuguese, by Braque, uses a highly developed interlacing of horizontal and vertical gridding created by gapped lines and intruding planes that create shallow spaces. Only gradually is the observer able to invest this space with depth permitting the figure to assume substance.


The base material before painted it matters, the material quality itself is important. Painting the materials is also changing the material properties as well as painting.

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