Resident Chroma Ⅲ

"Resident Chroma” contains the following 4 major sections: Resident Chroma origins, I, II and III. Each section has its own principle redefine “color”. They are mutually independent as well as mutually related.


Resident Chroma origins is about the research works on the understanding about the color structure and drawing technic from the original artist and scientist, in that way searching out the problems and potential qualities to become the architectural issues.

Resident Chroma I is more about to explore the new opportunities for Material intelligence controlled by color.

Resident Chroma II is a discipline thesis research on the methodology creating the illusion through color effects.

Resident Chroma III is the final chapter to do the global onsite color application in order to achieve new complexities by changing the architectural space from flatness to depth and depth to flatness.


Back to the classical “Unite d’Habitation” by Le Corbusier, the agenda for the onsite application is to rebuild the colorful façade which become both a thick surface and the new communication platform on the vertical way of the building in order to create the architectural illusions which makes exterior space inside and interior space outside. Surface patterning, color, relief, and materiality are used to heighten the sense of irresolution between flatness and depth as well as correlate graphic/pattern effects with mass inflections.


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