SCI-ARC Graduate Thesis Final Review

Final Jury:
Patrik Schumacher(Partner at Zaha Hadid Architects, Co-director AADRL)

Michael Speaks(Dean, College of Design at the University of Kentucky)

Hernan Diaz Alonso(Xefirotarch, Graduate Programs Chair, SCI-ARC)

Tom Wiscombe(Emergent, Applied Studies Coordinator, SCI-ARC)

Marcelo Spina(Patterns)

Elena Manferdini(Atelier Manferdini)

Florencia Pita(fpmod)

John Enright(Griffin Enright Architects,Undergraduate Program Chair, SCI-ARC)

Tom Kovac(Kovac Architecture)

Todd Gannon

Especially,thanks to Jeffrey Kipnis, he influenced me a lot on this thesis project.

"There is nothing wrong with painting, painting is good!"
Jeffrey Kipnis

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